eLiquid GMP is positioned with its immediate partners and in-house recourses to offer a full-suite product development service. Whether your product requires a full revision to eliminate unwanted contaminants, improve vaporizer performance, or develop a closed system containing your product, our expertise positions us to do so in a cost-efficient and time-sensitive manner!

During the process of elucidating an ingredients list through reverse engineering techniques for your US FDA PMTA or EU TPD2 Application(s), we may come across an ingredient prohibited by law or in an unwanted concentration. What if this molecule is key to the flavor and character of your product? eLiquid GMP will put its vast knowledge and library of eLiquid chemical and natural constituents to substitute for appropriate performance, safety, and efficacy.

Product development at eLiquid GMP can also extend to the extension to new, compliant product lines, all performing within the guidelines of the regulatory agency monitoring your production and sale. Closed systems and special packaging requirements may be a necessity, or which we have the recourses to execute.

Nude Nicotine Analytics and Nude Nicotine Manufacturing partners are key to assist in this process with their staff of analysts and manufacturing technicians able to accelerate projects quickly, tailored to the needs of eLiquid GMP and the client.

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